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A Perfect Spy Signed by John le Carré First Edition Hodder & Stoughton 1986. No previous owner's name inscriptions or marks. Contents and edges are free of foxing. Covers are fine, bright and completely unblemished. In a near fine dust jacket with no tears or loss. Not price clipped. SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR by way of decorative bookplate on half title page.

A Perfect Spy is a complex and deeply introspective novel by John le Carré that delves into the life of Magnus Pym, a British intelligence officer who is torn between his loyalty to his country and his moral compass. The novel spans over five decades, from the 1930s to the 1980s, and traces Pym's tumultuous journey from his childhood in a dysfunctional family to his rise and fall in the shadowy world of espionage. Central to the novel is the relationship between Pym and his enigmatic father, Rick Pym, a charismatic and manipulative figure who introduces his son to the world of espionage. Rick's influence shapes Pym's perception of loyalty and duty, leading him to adopt a life of deception and double-dealing. As Pym moves through various intelligence roles, he becomes increasingly disillusioned with the moral compromises required in the espionage game. His conscience struggles against the demands of his profession, and he grapples with the question of whether it is possible to remain true to oneself while operating in such a treacherous world. The novel's exploration of Pym's moral dilemmas is interwoven with a broader commentary on the nature of espionage and the blurred lines between truth and deception. le Carré deftly exposes the hypocrisy and manipulation that often lie beneath the façade of intelligence agencies, while also acknowledging the real dangers and sacrifices inherent in the profession. A Perfect Spy is a masterfully crafted novel that offers a profound and unsettling examination of identity, loyalty, and the moral complexities of espionage. It is a story that lingers long after the final page, leaving readers to ponder the enduring question of what it truly means to be a "perfect spy."


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A Perfect Spy Signed by John le Carre First Edition Hodder & Stoughton 1986

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