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Psmith In the City Inscribed & Signed by P.G. Wodehouse First Edition Adam & Charles Black 1910. London. Sporadic foxing to prelims and edges. Contents clean and unblemished throughout. All plates present. Covers bright and without rubbing or fading to gilt. INSCRIBED AND SIGNED by the author directly to ffep: 'To Alexander Nahas / with best wishes / P.G. Wodehouse / Feb '15. 1971 / 'How ever did you get hold of / this ?. It has been out of / print for 50 years (though / they have just done it a(s) a / paperback in England. / PGW'.

Psmith in the City throws the charmingly eccentric Reginald Psmith and his cricket-loving pal Mike Jackson into the whirlwind of London's financial district. Mike's father, facing financial ruin, sends his son to work at the New Asiatic Bank under the pompous Mr. Bickersdyke. To save Mike from drudgery, Psmith, ever the resourceful gentleman, decides to join him. The clash between Psmith's whimsical outlook and Bickersdyke's rigid, rule-bound world ignites a comedic battle royale. Psmith's unorthodox methods, like replacing office memos with haiku poems and conducting tea breaks on rooftops, throw the bank into delightful disarray. Meanwhile, Mike stumbles upon a clandestine plot involving stolen diamonds and shady investors. Psmith, never one to shy away from adventure, finds himself embroiled in Mike's investigation. Their pursuit of the truth takes them from stuffy bank offices to glittering society soirées, all while dodging bumbling detectives and fending off Bickersdyke's wrath. Of course, romance blossoms along the way, with Psmith wooing the lovely Miss Van der Roest and Mike finding himself smitten with the vivacious Miss Jackson. As the plot thickens, Psmith's ingenuity shines. He uses his wit and silver tongue to disarm enemies, unravel the diamond scheme, and expose the true culprits. In the process, he proves that a touch of whimsy and a dash of chivalry can conquer even the most formidable bureaucratic dragons. Psmith in the City is a whirlwind of witty dialogue, hilarious situations, and Psmith's trademark blend of eccentricity and good-natured scheming. It's a delightful escapade through the city jungle, where good triumphs over greed, romance finds its perfect pitch, and a man in lavender gloves reminds us that even the most mundane workday can be an adventure.


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Psmith In the City Inscribed & Signed by P.G. Wodehouse First Edition Adam & Charles Black 1910

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