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Smithy by Edgar Wallace Reprint George Newnes Ltd c.1929. A near fine copy. No loose or damaged pages and illustrated paper covers still firmly affixed. Spine still intact. Contents clean and unblemished. No record of U.S. publication.

Smithy tells the story of a man named Smith, who is released from prison after serving a sentence for robbery. Smith is determined to go straight, but he finds it difficult to resist the temptation to return to his old life of crime. The story opens with Smith's release from prison. He is met by his old friend, Jimmy, who offers him a job. Smith accepts the job, but he soon learns that it is a front for a criminal organization. Smith is initially reluctant to get involved in crime again, but he is eventually persuaded by Jimmy. Smith takes part in a series of robberies, and he becomes increasingly successful. However, Smith's success comes at a price. He is constantly worried about being caught, and he is constantly looking over his shoulder. One day, Smith is caught by the police during a robbery. He is sentenced to life in prison. In prison, Smith reflects on his life and realizes that he has made a mistake. He regrets returning to a life of crime, and he vows to go straight when he is released.



Smithy by Edgar Wallace Reprint George Newnes Ltd c.1929

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