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Sourcery Signed by Terry Pratchett First Edition Victor Gollancz 1988. A fine copy. Unblemished throughout and no foxing or toning to edges. Covers are bright and without bumping or rubbing. In a fine price clipped dust jacket with no creasing, tears or loss. INSCRIBED AND SIGNED by the author in 'old style' signature directly to title page.

In Terry Pratchett's humorous Discworld novel, "Sourcery," the balance of magic on the Discworld is disrupted when Coin, the eighth son of an eighth son - of an eighth son - is born. Coin, a sourcerer, has the ability to generate magic rather than simply drawing it from the world, making him the most powerful wizard on the Disc. As Coin's power grows, he begins to meddle with the Discworld's very fabric, causing chaos and destruction. The Unseen University, the center of magic on the Disc, is thrown into disarray as the wizards attempt to comprehend and contain Coin's immense abilities. Meanwhile, Rincewind, the cowardly wizard, finds himself caught in the middle of the chaos. His accidental magic, combined with Coin's tampering, leads to a series of hilarious mishaps and near-disasters. As the Discworld faces the threat of annihilation, it is up to a group of unlikely heroes, including Rincewind, Conina, the barbarian woman, and Nijel the Destroyer, the wannabe hero, to restore balance and save the world.


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Sourcery Signed by Terry Pratchett First Edition Victor Gollancz 1988

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