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The Lady of Little Hell by Edgar Wallace First Edition George Newnes Ltd 1929. A VG+ copy. No loose or damaged pages and illustrated paper covers still firmly affixed. Spine still intact. Contents clean and unblemished. No record of U.S. publication.

The Lady of Little Hell is a short story by Edgar Wallace, first published in 1929. It tells the story of a beautiful and ruthless criminal named Madame de Croze, who runs a notorious nightclub in London called Little Hell. The story opens with the introduction of two detectives from Scotland Yard, Inspector Graves and Sergeant Lister. They are investigating a series of high-profile robberies that have taken place in the city. The detectives have reason to believe that Madame de Croze is involved in the robberies, but they need proof. Graves and Lister go undercover as guests at Little Hell. They are immediately smitten by Madame de Croze, who is as charming as she is dangerous. The detectives soon discover that Little Hell is a front for a criminal organization that is responsible for the robberies. Madame de Croze is planning one last big robbery, and Graves and Lister are determined to stop her. They set a trap for her, and she eventually falls for it. Madame de Croze is arrested and charged with robbery and conspiracy. The Lady of Little Hell is a fast-paced and exciting story with a twist ending. Wallace does a masterful job of creating suspense and intrigue. The characters are well-developed and believable, and the plot is full of surprises



The Lady of Little Hell by Edgar Wallace First Edition George Newnes Ltd 1929

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