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The Little Green Man by Edgar Wallace First Edition George Newnes Ltd 1929. A near fine copy. No loose or damaged pages and illustrated paper covers still firmly affixed. Spine still intact. Contents clean and unblemished. No record of U.S. publication.

The Little Green Man is a short story by Edgar Wallace, first published in 1929. It tells the story of a man named Mr. Fathergill who buys a tract of land in Constantinople. On the day the sale is finalized, a miracle happens: a forgotten and unpaid prospector makes a discovery on the land. Mr. Fathergill is a businessman who believes in quick profits, particularly if they are big profits. He sees the prospector's discovery as an opportunity to make a fortune, and he immediately begins to make plans to exploit it. However, Mr. Fathergill soon learns that his new land is not what it seems. There is a strange creature living on the land, a little green man who is not happy to have new neighbors. The little green man begins to harass Mr. Fathergill and his workers, and he eventually sabotages their operation. Mr. Fathergill is determined to get rid of the little green man, but he is unsuccessful. He tries everything he can think of, but the little green man is always one step ahead of him. In the end, Mr. Fathergill is forced to abandon his plans for the land and leave the little green man alone.



The Little Green Man by Edgar Wallace First Edition George Newnes Ltd 1929

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