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The Moving Finger by Agatha Christie First Edition The Crime Club Collins 1943. No previous owner's name inscriptions or marks. Contents are free of any foxing and covers are VG with no toning or darkening to spine. In original price clipped VG dust jacket. Still very much bright and completely unfaded.

In the tranquil village of Lymstock, a series of anonymous poison pen letters casts a dark shadow over the lives of its inhabitants. The letters, filled with malicious accusations and veiled threats, sow seeds of suspicion and fear, disrupting the peaceful façade of the community. Jerry Burton, a young man recuperating from an injury, finds himself drawn into the unsettling atmosphere when his sister Joanna and he receive one of the venomous letters. The accusations in the letter hint at an illicit relationship between them, shattering the boundaries of propriety and casting a pall over their sibling bond. As the poison pen letters continue to circulate, the tension in Lymstock intensifies. One of the recipients, Mrs. Symmington, is found dead in an apparent suicide, leaving behind a cryptic note that seems to confirm the accusations in the letter she received. Jerry, unable to accept the suicide verdict, seeks the help of the astute Miss Jane Marple, a friend of his family. Miss Marple, with her keen observation skills and sharp intellect, delves into the murky depths of Lymstock's secrets, determined to uncover the truth behind the poison pen letters and the tragic death of Mrs. Symmington. As Miss Marple unravels the tangled web of relationships, hidden motives, and long-buried resentments, she uncovers a trail of deceit and desperation that leads to the shocking revelation of the true culprit. The poison pen letters, it turns out, were not merely malicious pranks but a calculated plan to mask a deeper, more sinister crime.


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The Moving Finger by Agatha Christie First Edition The Crime Club Collins 1943

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